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AVA Convention Event in Orlando, FL

Orlando, Fl
AVA Convention

Start is inside the mall.

Looking down at the start from the second floor.

Fountain inside the mall.

Lake Overstreet.

Cady Trail.

Residential area lines the Cady Trail.
Lilies of the Nile.

Nice design.

Volksmarcher from Pennsylvania about to pass us.

Fountain in Baldwin Park business district.

Baldwin Park.

Fountain at Harbor Park.

Checkpoint #1 Volunteers at Harbor Park.

Hike and bike trail along the harbor.

Magnolia bud. There were lots
of Magnolia Trees on this walk.

Manhole cover designs.
Nice garden

Other side of the walkway.

Fountain in Blue Jacket Park.

A park building.

Close up of the fountain.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.

Bathrooms in the park.

Bridge in the park.

Ed and Charlie.

A bridge we will cross shortly.

Planter on the bridge.

Four baby ducklings.

Priscilla and Heinz working finish table.


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