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AVA Convention Event in Leesburg, FL

Leesburg, Fl
AVA Convention

Nice sign outside the walk start.

Our registration volunteers.

You can see the rain on the creek.

Heading down the steps.

Volksmarchers ahead of us on the trail.

Purple water flowers.
Tip of my umbrella and the road along the lake.

Cute yard decoration.

Nice boat house!

Lots of this plant in this area.

Lily of the Nile and a nice fountain.

Sample of the residential area.

Did you see this miniature porch swing?

Nice house.

Part of a colorful yard.

These were pretty purple flowers.
Yard art.

Checkpoint ahead.

Magnolia Trail.

Veteran's Memorial.

Backside of the church.

Front of same church.

Building next to the church.

Pretty flowers.

First Baptist Church.

Student's Hall.

Oldest Filling Station.

Methodist Church.

Flower Cart.

Clock in the square.
Pretty tree.

Center of the Arts mural.

Old bank building for sale.

Old movie theatre.

Annie Oakley statue.

Section of mural inside the start/finish building.

Another section of the mural.


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