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AVA Convention Event in Deland, FL

Deland, Fl
AVA Convention

Our walk registration volunteers.

Nice mural.

Part of a mural of WWII Naval
Training Base in Deland.

Another part of the mural.

Old Volusia County Courthouse.

Another mural.
Three wheeled bike.

Running statue.

Athen's Theatre - 1922.
Vaudeville acts played here.

Azaleas and Palmetto.

Nice jacket on walker from Iowa.

AMVET mural

Park entrance pillar and bench.

A sample of debris that high
winds brought down last night.

Robert and Dave.

John B. Stetson mansion.

Another view of the mansion.

Old Deland Memorial Hospitl.
Now a museum.

Checkpoint #1 Volunteers.

Fountain in Bill Dreggors Park.

Arbor in the park.

Marker in the same park.

Gingerbread house.
Lousiana iris.

Old School.

Trinity Methodist Church 1926.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church - 1884.

Carlen and Joann.

One bell out of a set of thirteen.

Robert Deland home.

Children's home.

Side view of Stetson University President residence.
Front of president's residence.

Residence hall.

Flager Hall.

Deland Hall.

Tall trees on campus.

Fountain in front of Sampson Hall.

Clay and Charlie.

Mural in Painter's Park.

Another section of same mural.

Checkpoint #2 volunteers.

Robert's Vision.

Steamboat Landing.

Lue Gim Gong.

Clock on the square.
Old opera house.

Pioneers at the Parceland.

Black bears.

One side of "Sugar Mill" mural.

Other side of "Sugar Mill".

Fountain in Sunflower Park.

Art in same park.



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