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AVA Convention Event in Daytona, FL

Daytona, Fl
AVA Convention

Registration in pavilion City Island Park.

Flock of seagulls near start.

Bridge to Daytona Beach.

Manatee mosaic of bridge support.

Bridge and lagoon.

Another view of the bridge.
Ed, followed by Siba and Catherine.

Nice old Kress building.

Checking for fish in the Municipal Gardens.

More of the gardens.

Donor of the money to build the esplanade.

Nice vest with patches.

Nice catamaran .

Only woods on the walk.

Checkpoint volunteers at Marina.

View of the marina.
Volksmarcher from Iowa

Another Volksmarcher from Iowa.

Signs along street.

Walkers from Missouri.
We notice the matching umbrellas.

Work by Paul Baliker.

More of Mr. Baliker's sculptures.

Veteran's Memorial.

Vietnam Memorial.

Seahorse mosaic on the bridge.

Walkers ahead of us on the bridge.

Drawbridge we will cross later.

See the Ferris Wheel in the distance.
That's where we're headed.

Still on the bridge, more manatees.

And sea turtles too.

Biker bar along the route.

Cemetery across the street.
Main Street where most of the
bike week activities take place.

Nice mural.

Bank and Blues Club.

Another biker bar.

Boney bike and biker.

Sign for the bone biker.

Even armadillo's drink during bike week.

We ate here last night.
Not as good actually as Cheddar's!

Elevated walkway.

Crossing the street on the elevated walkway.
Shops around the bandstand.

Marker on the sea wall.

Atlantic Ocean.

We visited the bandstand last night so I didn't take pictures of it again. For pictures of the bandstand you can go to: My other blog

Walking down Daytona Beach.

Another shot further down the beach.

Pretty surf.

Ed on Daytona Beach.

Pretty flowers.

Lillian Place circa 1885.


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