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Baton Rouge, LA Volksmarch

I-10 Bridge from Parking Garage.

Hotel Entrance across from Parking Garage.

Walking through the hotel.

Cute picture in the registration book.

Half a mural..

Other half of the mural.

Old Governor's Mansion built in 1930.

Nice old house.

Cannon yard art.

First Presbyterian Church.

First Baptist Church.

St. James Episcopal Church.

Nice Mural.

Another nice mural.

St. Joseph Cathedral.

State Library of Louisiana.

Capitol Building.

Gov. Huey Long.

Statue to left of Capitol entrance.

Statues to the right of Capitol entrance.

Baton Rouge from steps of Capitol..

Steps of Capitol building.

Elevator door inside Capitol.

Looking north from dome of Capitol.

Riverboat casino.

Pentagon Barracks
Constructed 1819-1825.

Louisiana Economic Development.

Looking down on Huey Long statue.

Looking east from the dome.

I-10 bridge from the dome.

Landscaping on the capitol lawn.

Inside the pentagon barracks.

Garden and fountain inside the Pentagon Barracks.

Another side of the Pentagon Barracks.

Tessier Building.

Dancing water fountain.

Old Capitol Building..

Yazoo Mississippi Valley Railroad.

Side of the old Capitol building.

Gates to the old Capitol building.

Back side of the old Capitol building.


Crossing a pedestrian bridge.

USS Kidd
WWII Fletcher class destroyer.

Nice Mural.

Another mural.

A third mural.

Statue of Columbus in a dry fountain.


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