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New Braunfels Wurstfest Volksmarch

Volksmarch Registration Volunteers.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Colorful Vines.

Fairy Schulpture.

Another nice sculpture.

We made it without a six pack!

View of the walk route.


Cactus growing in rock.

First deer sighting.

A buck.

Mac working Checkpoint #1.

Baby Deer.

Another deer.

Randolph Roadrunners.

Sample of Residential Area we walked.

Thanksgiving Decorations.

Purple Grass.

Checkpoint #2.

Entrance to Panther Canyon.

Looking back at Checkpoint #2.

Looking down into Panther Canyon from the trail.

Walkers that past us on the trail.

More Randolph Roadrunners.

View of the trail in Panther Canyon.

Another view of the trail.

Dry Streambed.

Panther's Cave?

End of Panther Canyon Trail

Comal River.


Bridge over River.

Memorial to original New Braunfels Settlers.

Duck on top of memorial.

Ed and Wurstfest mural.

Another shot of the mural.

Another view of the mural.

Wurstfest wreck.

Park trail along the river.

Leaving the river.


Visiting Wurstfest after the walk.

Gate #2.

Christmas Booth at Wurstfest.

Mural inside of Wurstfest.