Fort Vancouver YRE Event

Leaving the YRE start at the Red Lion Hotel we turned on 4th along Military Memory Lane where I got my Mural Credit for the walk.

Military Posters

We continued on to Esther Short
Park were we passed this statue.

St. James Catholic Church

We passed a hot dog stand on the corner.
We liked his advertisement.

Hot Dog's backside

Old Carnegie Library - now a museum

I didnít record the name of this church.

Lamp Post hanging baskets

Nice flowers

We walked through
Clark College Campus.

Pink Dogwood.

We missed a turn on Fort Vancouver and went along Officer Row for awhile. It was all historic homes. We realized we'd missed a turn and went back to pick up the trail.

The Marshall House.
On Officer's Row

Pilot sculpture at Peason Army Airfield
Part of Fort Vancouver.

Memorial to Russian's who made the first
flight over the North Pole. They landed
at Pearson Airfield for repairs.

Replica of Old Fort Vancouver
Original burned

This is a National Park. We paid the entrance fee and toured the inside of the stockade.

Baker's Oven.

More of the bakery.

Inside the above building.

Fire starter kit.
Steel strikers and flint rocks
Displayed at Blacksmith's


Hospital Pharmacy

Counting House where fur trading
and other business was conducted.

Commander's Home?

Display on how the French
built the fort buildings.

Leaving the fort the walk
goes through the gardens.

More of the fort gardens.

Veteran's Memorial

Land Bridge over I-5

Several areas like this
one on the land bridge.

Also on the land bridge.

Exit/Entrance to Land Bridge.