Eagle Creek 12K Volksmarching Event

We parked at the overlook again. This time we continued along Eagle Creek. This was to be an out and back to the High Bridge. Very nice walk. This turned out to be my favorite of all the Gorge walks/hikes.


Suspension Bridge over Eagle Creek
was not part of Eagle Creek event.

Eagle Creek

Viewing Eagle Creek.

Nice level trail here.

No need for walking stick yet.

Wet trail ahead

We're now above the tree tops

View of the far wall.

Another bridge.

Looking down from the trail.

Two deer on the trail ahead.

Photo opportunity.

Got one last picture before
they run off into the woods.

Rock Slide area.

More Wildflowers

Note Steel Cable

Loowit Falls

Loowit Falls

Made it to High Bridge.

View from High Bridge.

Looking straight down.

I didn't see the high bridge on the way up, but I saw walkers coming when I was on the bridge so I knew it was visable from the trail. Took this picture on the way back down.

High Bridge

Loowit Falls again

Loowit Falls

Another wet spot with cable.

Smooth trail for awhile.

Water and plants on trail wall.

Punch Bowl Falls

Slug - snail without a shell.
SAS Shoe advertisement.

Water crossing.


Shower anyone?

CCC Bridge over Eagle Creek.