Tilden (McMullen County) Seasonal Event
Walked on 01/29/2012




Wheeler Mercantile Wheeler Mercantile - Start Box Location.

Ed inside the Mercantile.
Deer Antler Christmas Tree.

Old windmill.

McMullen County Courthouse. McMullen County Courthouse

Wheeler Mercantile Original Wheeler Mercantile Building.

Sheriff's Office on Main Street.
Main Street is gravel.

Boot Hill Cemetery.

Cactus Garden.

Catholic Church

volksmarcher Ed headed out to another cemetery.

You don't enter thru this gate.

Large cross.

Lots of old graves.

volksmarcher Reading another interesting marker.

Another pretty cross.

Horses in the pasture came up.

Me with the Bell Tower.
For the Scavenger Hunt.
volksmarch scavenger hunt

We ate lunch at the mercantile after we walked.
Here is the menu if you'd like to eat there too.

Wheeler Mercantile Menu