2012 TVA Reunion Event

Fayetteville, Texas
Saturday, March 3

Getting directions from Robert.


Carol in front of the old Courthouse with clock tower.

Another view of the courthouse with a historical marker.

Shops around the courthouse square.

We came back and ate lunch here
when we finished walking. Good food.
Orsak's Cafe

Nice old home.
Pretty rose.

Another nice old home.

The school.

Ed with John the Baptist

I am with the Archangel Michael.

A doll house like the house next to it.
Goose dressed like Elvis on the porch.

Another house with a doll house next to it.

1890 Home with Iris blooming next to it.

Purple roses.

Veteran's Memorial in Cemetery.

volksmarchers View of the cemetery.

A wider view.

Beautiful empty house.

Our checkpoint volunteer.

Linda and Gerald. volksmarchers

Wandering Jew Plant.
Wildflowers in bloom.

Evangelical Church was turn around.

Carol with Checkpoint Volunteer.

Inside the Church.