The hike started at the Bob Jones Nature Center. This city park is 76 acres. It was named after John Dolford Bob Jones, the son of Leaser Alvis Jones and his slave, Elizabeth. Bob was a slave himself, and after the Civil War when he was freed, he bought a 60-acre farm his father owned, eventually expanding it to over 2,000 acres with his 10 children. After Grapevine Lake was created on much of the land, the Jones family sold the remaining property. The City of Southlake eventually purchased the area as a nature center and preserve, creating almost 20 miles of trails on the Walnut Grove National Recreation Trail. Birding and geocaching are also available.

Today's volksmarch wound its way through forest and pocket prairies and to the water’s edge of Lake Grapevine.

Southlake Volksmarching Event

Walk registration volunteers.

Butterfly seat.

Signing up to volksmarch.


Ed and Kerwin starting out on the trail.

Ellen and a friend who was doing her first Volksmarch.

Donna and Gary.

Arial and John

View of the trail.

First view of Lake Grapevine

Ducks on the lake.

Blue Heron.

Kerwin and Ed.

Volksmarchers passing us on the trail.

Another view of Lake Grapevine.

Volksmarchers ahead of us on the shoreline.

Kerwin and Ed.

View of the shoreline.


View of the trail.

Checkpoint #2.

Kerwin and a pretty Pinto.

Rocks along the trail.

Another view of the trail.

Joann and Bill.

We're finished.
Picture by: Susan Fine

Getting our books stamped.

O'possum at the Nature Center.