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Pictures in this photo album are from Saturday's event. We started out by walking the trail with Kerwin and Tim. When we came in we took over the first checkpoint.

Possum Kingdom Event

Ed, Tim, Kerwin and Carol.

Ed sporting the walk t-shirt.

Kerwin and Tim at the scenic overlook.

We arrived at the first checkpoint
Tammie and Kyle were working it.

Ed stopped to look at some flint.

Time for a water break.

View of the trail.

Another view of the trail.


Signboard about Quanah Parker.

Nice rock formation.

Dry creek bed.

One of the few level spots.

Gary and Heidi.

Gerald and Linda.

Getting ready to climb the steps.

Cactus flowers attact the ants.

That is the lake between the trees.

Les and Kathie

Eric and James

Susan doing her 2nd walk of the day.

Bill and Marilyn.

Bill and Marilyn.

Back at the Start/Finish.

We went to work the checkpoint.