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Montgomery Event

Montgomery was founded in 1837. It was incorporated as a city in 1848. It was the Montgomery County seat until 1889.

Historical Marker outside of walk start.

Walk Start/Finish.

Historical Home.

Ed and Carol in front of home where
a member of the Jesse James gang was
killed in 1868.

Lady Banksia Rose

Magnolia House.

Ed and a beautiful white rambling rose.


Fountain in the park.

Deborah inside the Gazabo.

New Montgomery Cemetery started with the
bodies of three of Jesse James gang members.

Ed, Carol and Helen.


Helen, Ed, and Carol.

Methodist Church
Methodist Church 1838.

Baptist Church 1902

Another historic home.

Davis House
Davis House

Flags on Water Tower count as mural.

Gerald, Bill and Siba.

Linda was hiding behind Bill.

1st Building in Ferndale Historic Park.

More buildings.

Ed and another building.

Me and a Longhorn.

Ed by the waterfall with the buffalo.


Carol and some horses.

Veteran's Memorial.

Bluebonnets by the lake.

On the path around the lake.

Shakespeare Bust

Large Koi under the bridge.

Small herb garden
Helen looking at the Fennel.

World War II Memorial.

Inside the Mexican Restaurant where we dined after the walk.