Lufkin (Angelina County)Event



This event was at Kit McConnico Park. The trail although wet was not muddy. It was sandy soil and it was a nice walk. This was in Angeline County and I am now 60% complete walking the counties of Texas.


Volksmarchers Susan and Brook (seated)
Bonnie, Helen, Charliene, and Bill.

Trail Head.

White Toad Stool.

Just starting out.

cemetary Pretty berry bushes.

First bridge crossing.

View of the Trail.

Red Toad Stool
Looks like a brain doesn't it?

Pretties toad stools were yellow.

Another view of the trail.

Further along the trail.

10K/5K Split.
10K went to Rock Garden
But I never saw any rocks or garden.

There were lots of these little bridges.

Nice bridge.

Most fall color we saw.

Creek along edge of trail.

Shoes were clean after walking a 10K trail throught the woods.