We did a day trip to Fort Worth, Tx to take a walking tour which started at the stockyards visitor's center reminding me that Ft Worth is called Cowtown by a lot of people. This is a photo album I created from pictures taken along the Volksmarching route. It was great getting outdoor exercise on such a lovely day. I collected a very nice mural for the AVA special events program - Walking America's Murals. Walking part of Trinity Trail system along the Trinity River was very enjoyable. We were entertained along the walk by the people participating in the Mudd Run.

Stockyards Year Round Event

YRE Walk registration is at the Stockyard's Visitor's Center..

Mural inside the Stockyard's Visitor's Center.

Abandoned entrance to the Swanson Meat Company.

Tim leading the way over the bridge on the Trinity Trail.

The line across the Trinity River is participants in the Mudd Run swimming the river.

Fort Worth skyline beyond the Mudd Run start.

Ed, Kerwin and Tim on the trail.

YRE route doesn't cross the river here.
These are Mudd Run spectators.

Tim, Ed and Kerwin.

Kerwin and Ed

Kerwin and Tim crossing Founder's Bridge.

Park in downtown Fort Worth.

Not sure what the suit of armor signifies.


Tarrant County Historical Comm

Tarrant County Courthouse.

Leaving downtown, headed back to Founder's Bridge.

More of the Mudd Run participants.

Bridge over the Trinity River.

Hwy 287 Bridge.

Ed riding a Longhorn near the start/finish of the Stockyards YRE.

I posted some more pictures on my Volksmarching blog if you would like to see more go here.