Spinach Festival

History of Spinach Festival from spinachfest.com: In 1936 the Winter Garden Chamber of Commerce organized its first Spinach Festival. Bushels of spinach surrounded the platform, and people dressed as Popeye and other Popeye cartoon characters danced with joy as the band played “La Paloma.” Texas Governor James V. Allred proudly proclaimed Crystal City as “The Spinach Capital of the World” that same year.

Sometime during 1936 Ernest Mortenson of the Winter Garden Chamber of Commerce suggested sending a note of appreciation to E.C. Segar for his promotion of spinach through his Popeye cartoons.

Plans for a Popeye statue were made and sent to Segar for approval; he loved the idea of having a statue that would symbolize the nutritional value of his beloved spinach. He sanctioned the creation of the statue in Crystal City, and drew a special cartoon with Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy coming to the Crystal City Spinach Festival.

On March 26, 1937 the Popeye statue was dedicated. Mr.Segar never had the opportunity to visit the testament to his enduring cartoon character, though, as he died in 1938 of Hodgkin’s Disease at the age of 44.

Crystal City (Zavala County) Seasonal Event
Walked on 01/29/2012




World War II Internment Camp.

Internment Camp Reunion

Reading another Internment Camp display.

Children born in the United States were deported.

Javelina (school mascot) on watertower.

Catholic Church.


Ed and Carol aboard the caboose.

Ed and I with Popeye. Popeye

Ed and Carol with Popeye.

Spinach Festival Headquarters. Spinach Festival

Old Movie Theatre next to Spinach Festival Headquarters.

Quote attributed to Benito Juarez which translated loosely says:
Between (among) people, as between (among) nations,
respect for the rights of others is the (basis for) peace.

volksmarcher Old Movie Theatre mentioned on directions is no more!

Light rain as we headed out on hike/bike trail.

Camouflaged longhorn.

View of the trail.

End of the hike/bike.
Turn around and go back into town.

Another view of the trail.

Looking over the side of the bridge.

Mural on side of Library.

Another Popeye Statue

Ed and other side of Mural.

Ed and Popeye.

Carol and Popeye.

Zavalla County Courthouse Zavalla County Courthouse.

Athletic Field.