The Copper Breaks State Park (Hardeman County) Volksmarch is a seasonal event sponsored by the Texas County Walkers. The event was a hike though arid beautiful landscape.

This event gave me my 151st county. I now have only 103 counties to go!!

Copper Breaks State Park Volkslmarch

Gerald, Linda, Doris and Mabel registering
to walk at the Ranger's Station.

Leaving the trail head parking
area to visit the overlook.

Wildflowers along the trail.

Gerald and Linda returning from the overlook.

I posed with the cliffs.

Ed posed with the lake.

Just pretty scenery.

Trail starts out across a mowed field.

Arrived at the head of the canyon.

Lots of pretty rocks.

Cliffs across the way.

The rock he's standing on is only about
18 inches thick. It is washed out below.

Looks like these could slide at any minute.

Starting the descent into the canyon.

View of the trail

Strawberry Cactus.

Mabel and Doris.

Barrel Cactus.

Dryed up pond area with cracks.

Park Ranger identified as a King Snake.
Non poisoneous.

Four eared mule.

Okay, so it was three mules.
In the previous picture one was
just perfectly behind the other.

Trail disappears into the distance.

A small pond with lots of birds singing.

Removing a pesky sticker.

Returning to civilization.

A welcome sight.

Campground shade covers.

Dispaly inside the Ranger's Station.