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Round Top Volksmarch Event

The walk started at Festival Hill. There was one loop on the Festival Hill grounds and the remainder of the walk was on a black topped country road. The road part was also a loop so we walked it backwards so I could get pictures of the walkers.

Raz working registation.

Looking at the Concert Hall.

Katherine and another HHH giving out walk directions.

Huge rose in front of Concert Hall.

More flowers along a wall with Edythe
Bates Old Chapel steeple.

Ed exploring the Chapel grounds.

Chapel was built in La Grange in 1883 as the Episcopal Methodist Church. Festival Hill purchased it and moved it here in 1994.

I'm seated on a marble seat near
entrance to the chapel grounds.

One of the fountains outside the
entrance to the chapel grounds.

Walk continued on toward the artist's housing units.

Nice bridge.

Second artist's residence.

Siba coming along behind us.
Third artist's residence behind her.

Trail passed back by the chapel so
we entered the back plaza. We
found this water fountains.

Rock Carving on wall near fountain.

Back entrance to the chapel. Carvings above
the doors appear to be Scandinavian.

Carving in Chapel Plaza.

Other side of same carving.

Another fountain.

Another carving spouting water.

Gazebo behind the Chapel.

Another fountain behind the Gazebo
that is behind the Chapel.

Walkers ahead of us on the country road.

Cute gargoyle, appears to be metal.

Stopped to chat with Doris.

Sign of the Times. Summer without
rain dryed up stock tanks.

First walker we met was Gary.

Saw a herd of longhorns.

More walkers headed in.


Checkpoint Volunteer.

Started meeting lots of walkers just past the checkpoint.


After finishing the walk we asked to see the inside of the Concert Hall which wasn't open. The receptionist kindly gave us a tour. Very beautiful. I would love to attend some of their performances. If you are interested go to the Festival Hill website and check out their upcoming performances.

Standing on the stage this is the left wall.

Carving on ceiling and beautiful chandeliers.

Looking toward the back of the concert hall.

Stage door where we entered.

We came thru Giddings to and from Round Top. That morning we noticed them setting up for what appeared to be an arts/crafts show. So we stopped on the way home to look around. They were celebrating Giddings 140th Anniversary. We went into the museum and looked around as well as going thru the booths.

Saw this display in the museum.

This was interesting also.

Gidding train depot is now the Chamber of Commerce Office.

Vistors: Counter