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Richardson, TX City Parks Walk

This walk started at the Whole Foods Store in the Dal-Rich Shopping Center. This was basically a residential walk that included two city parks. Cottonwood Park hosts the Cottonwood Art Festival twice a year. Carol planned it so we walked during the festival. We did the walk first then enjoyed the art festival at the finish.

Ed, Carol, and Brandy on walk route.

View of the neighborhood we were walking in.

First of several creek crossings.

Yard light with dragons.

After the draught we've had, it's nice to see flowers blooming.

Pigs in the foliage

Antique Buick


Small lake with reflection.

One of many turtles.

Richardson High School

Back at Cottonwood Park which is just a couple of blocks from the Dal-Rich Shopping Center, we enter the park and wandered thru the exhibits.

Pretty yard art..

Brandy and Ed with bronze art display.

Carol with some more of these guys.

They are just too cute

Bronze Sculptures by Kimber.

The best egg there.

View of Cottonwood Park.

Nice bridge and lake.

The four seasons.

Nice wood motorcycle.

Metal Bugs. There were metal butterflys too.

Terra Cotta sculptures.

Carol with a terra cotta mouse and dog.

Art by Michael & Sumati Colpitts..

Bronze figure mirror picture behind them.

Metal Cactus.

Another metal cactus display.

More metal art.

Rather than cross on the bridge, we took the rocks.

Making room for two way traffic.

Carol was standing on the bridge taking our picture.