Graham Volksmarch

Carol arriving at walk start.

Ed checking out the Whirligig.

Walk start volunteers.

Nice costume. This walk was held in conjunction with
the Western Heritage Days Celebration.

There was a chuckwagon cooking competion.

Another chuckwagon.

Very nice mural.

Susan helping with a directions question.

Passed a remodeled Phillip 66 Station.
It now has art items for sale.

Entering Fireman's Park.

Another look at the fountain.

Passed this Wishing Well.

Swinging Bridge.

Ed and Carol on the bridge.


Walkers coming behind us.

Spillway, water too low to come over.

Downstream from the spillway.


Checkpoint volunteer.

Another section of Fireman's Park.

Waiting for the light to change.

Graham Train Station

Young County Veteran's Memorial.

One of the chuckwagon cooks.

Archway from Young County Courthouse #3.

5K Done we're back at start/finish.

Club banner.

Out on the 2nd half of the 10K
We passed this Baptist Church.

Henry House.

Old Coca-Cola bottling plant is now a retail store.

Approaching Public Library.

Library Entrance.

Bridge in Shawnee Park.

Leaving Shawnee Park.

Walk route crossed.
These walkers are headed out.

Karl and Beverly at Finish Table.

Another look at the whirligig.

Finish Table.

Artwork on Young County Courthouse.