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Caddo Lake YRE Volksmarch

This walk is a combination of Park Roads and hiking trails. We had 99% shade. Registration is at Ranger's Station. Walk starts at parking lot for the Canoe Rentals.

Part of the display inside the Ranger Station.

There are alligators at Caddo Lake. Kerwin bought this t-shirt.

Starting off thru the campground.

I love the big trees.

Still getting used to my new camera.
Blurry Picture of the trail.

Carol, Kerwin, and Ed.
CCC built front entrance gate.

CCC Built this pavilion also.

Not sure about the steps.

There were lots of bridges.

This longer one has rock supports underneath.

Carol waiting for us to catch up on this hill.


Narrow nature trail.

Natural Bridge.
Not part of the walk route.

Tree has fallen across the path. We had to climb thru the branches.

Just a shot of the trail.

Spider Web

Cypress clump.

Cypress thicket.

Near the boat ramp.

Just a shot of the lake.

Kerwin with the Cypress Knees.

Retaining wall.

Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.

Carol on the fishing pier.
Water lilies make the water look
like a field you could walk on.

Looking off the right end of the pier.

Looking off the left end of the pier.

Ed and Kerwin out on the Pier.

View of the Fishing Pier.