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AVA 35th Birthday Party
Convention Friday Night Social
Des Moines, Iowa

Turning in the ticket for the social.

Visiting with drinks and hors D'oeuvres 6-7pm

Ed, me, Robert and Siba.

Ellen and Mike.

Sandra and Doug Evett.

Siba (seated), Catherine Kellner, Leslie Penton, and Carol.

Our Dinner Table Companions. There were 10 people seated at our table.

Diane and Ron Berard
(Diane is president of Peninsula Pathfinders of Virginia)
were seated on Ed's left.

Lady on Ron's left is Kaye Collie from the GVA in Fredericksburg, VA.

Clyde and Raye Faulk from Anchorage, Alaska on her left.

On their left was Butch and Sandy Spaulding.
Butch is President of the NE Wanderfreunde Trailblazers