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Burkburnett, TX Volksmarch

Walk Start at Friendship Park Shelter.

Fountain in the lake.

Amphitheater in the park.

Railroad Depot.

Boom Town is a 1940 movie starring Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert, and Hedy Lamarr. A story written by James Edward Grant in Cosmopolitan magazine titled "A Lady Comes to Burkburnett" provided the inspiration for the film.

Church building from 1925.

Checkpoint #1 Volunteer.

Fowler Discovery Well
Came in on July 26, 1918
Started a drilling frenzy
Within 4 years there were over 3,000 wells in Burkburnett
This is still a producing well.

Hay field with several wells.

Felty Outdoor Oil Museum

The museum exhibits machinery from the acme of the oil boom, including truck-propelled spudders used for drilling and cleaning out wells, a steel beam pumping unit, and a band-wheel power source. A rock and concrete wall-monument built over many years by the senior Felty is also displayed.

Ever heard of a Wichita?


Checkpoint #2 Volunteer.

The I-44 Access Road.

Central Baptist Church.

Nursery Rhyme Test
If you could answer 12 Nursery Rhyme Questions
You could win a Humpty Dumpty Award.