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Tin Star Ranch Volksmarch

This "old west" town with originally created as a place for old west re-enactments. It was just building fronts, not complete buildings. The newly added Longhorn Palace is a complete replica of an 1880's saloon complete with a 30 foot oak bar.   They have added guest houses and the "Tin Star Ranch" can be reserved for meetings or as a place to celebrate special occasions. It is built on a hillside and provides panaramic views of the surrounding hills and pastures.

Heading to the start from the Parking Lot.   

   Walk Start table volunteers.

Sales table for books, t-shirts, etc.   

    Giving Walk directions.

Jersey Lily Saloon.    

Gerald and Linda.   
    Big umbrella for shade.

Water stop.   
   Just after turn around.
    Faith and her grandparents.
This is her 10th event.
View of the road ahead.    
    One of several Long Horns.
Carol with a pretty (and friendly) horse.    

    Loads of wildflowers.

Checkpoint at the Crabapple School House.

   Walkers and pets.
Another walker with pet.   
    Looking upstream.
Looking downstream.    
    Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.
Small cemetery on the hill.    

    Coral Snake.
Back by the Long Horns.   
    Windmill and sunflowers.
Baby Buffalo.   
   Ed getting his book stamped.
Walkers enjoying the air conditioning.   
    Walkers at the Longhorn Palace (saloon).