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Leaky Volksmarch

This event was in Real County. It was a new county for me. It brings my count of Texas Counties walked to 129.

Entrance to the Big Springs Ranch.

Walk start table volunteer.

It was misting rain as we headed out.

Low water crossing on the Frio River.

View of the Frio River.

Walk route followed roadway.

Colorful trees along the river.

A significant hill!


Walkers headed back in.

Students of the Ed Brune Charter School.

Checkpoint and turnaround.

Walkers coming up the hill as we are headed down.

Shelter of some type?

Shuttle driver for our crossing of the Frio River.

Strange rocks in the river.

Stalactites on the bottom of the cliff?

First of several horses.

Hills full of fall color.

Carol on the road.

Moss covered tree.

Carol took my picture with this beautiful tree.

Van coming back to take us back across the river.

Falls on the river.

Route continues along the Frio.

Home overlooking the river.

Walker headed out.

View of the cliffs.

Ellen and Sherri.

Gerald and Linda.


Frio River

Another walker.

More river.

Colorful Hills

The Library.


Walking closer to the river.

More horses.

Crossing the main highway
which is under construction here.

Emu blends in with the woods.

Checkpoint Volunteers.

Good view of the mist.

Nice fence and red foliage.

Passing the school.