LB Houston Hike and Bike Trail Event

This event is on bike trails maintained by the Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association (DORBA)

Our walk registration volunteers.

Getting walk instructions.

Carol, Brandy and Ed heading out.

Narrow trail in the woods.

We've circled the lake. Where we started is directly across from us.

They are leaving me behind again.

Teeter-Totter for bicycles.

There were some hills.

Checkpoint first time around.

It is getting warmer.

How did this get down here in the woods?
Walker coming up behind us.

Back under the train trestle.

Our second visit to the checkpoint.

Our youngest volksmarchers.

Walker with her pet.

A shot of the creek.

Jan and Susan finishing up ahead of us.

Tank at the National Guard Armory
which is where the walk started.

East Texas Trekker Walking Mascots
Lady Leo and Tag-a-long.

Our finish table volunteers.

Walk registration volunteers (second shift).