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LBJ National Park
October 3, 2009

Start/Finish Area.        Walk Start

Gift Shop      

Inside the gift shop.

Car on display.       


Car/boat combination.

Starting out on the ranch road.       


View of the ranch.

Cows have the right of way.       


Approaching the family cemetery.

LBJ's headstone.       


Checkpoint Volunteers.

Walkers headed back in.       


Replica of LBJ's birthplace.

Herd moving thru the trees.       


Walkers headed out.

Large group of walkers headed out.       


Ed, Carol and The Texas Whitehouse.

Nice view of the surrounding hills.       


Windmill near show barns.

Part of the goat herd



Checkpoint #2 Volunteer.       


New fencing was being installed.

Pretty flowers and trees



Short stroll on the airport runway.       


Finish table volunteers.