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Hope Post AVA Convention Volksmarch

IVV banner marking walk start.

Walk registration area.

Walk books etc for sale.

Refreshments for the walkers.

A tour bus group arrived to register..

Our parking volunteers.

Walkers we passed on the trail.

County Courthouse.

We passed this sign on the walk route, but missed seeing the actual house.

Hope's skyscraper.

Main Street

Checkpoint at the museum.

Walker reading museum display.

Helen was doing the watermelons.

Brooke was marking the start cards.

Walkers signing the visitor registration book.


Pres. Clinton's parents and grandparents graves.

Fence alongside tracks.

Back at the checkpoint.

Resting and enjoying watermelon.

Walkers behind us as we leave the checkpoint..

Walk ended with a short trail thru the woods.

View of the trail ahead.

Walkers enjoying the refreshments.

Finish table.

David stamping Ed's book.

Worker's refreshments.

Standing: Glen Conyers, Mid-West RD from Mo, PR Lady Cow from Iowa, Karl Kittenger, Treas. Trotting Texas Turtles
Seated: Beverly Kittenger, Pres. Trotting Texas Turles and Anna Cottrill.

Doing PR for the 2011 Convention in Iowa.

Ed and Beverly..

Walkers from California.

Walk registration is still open.

On our way to work the checkpoint we drove the route and stopped to get a picture of Clinton's birthplace.

Our first customer after taking over the checkpoint was the new AVA Treasurer who is from Florida.

Vince and Carol waiting for walkers.

The Iowa tour bus stopped back by the Museum on the way out of town for picture taking.

Walkers coming in.

Display inside the museum.

Frank and Phyllis enjoying the watermelon.

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