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Fossil Rim Volksmarch

This walk was in celebration of Dallas Trekker's 30 years of Volksmarching. Fossil Rim is located just outside of Glen Rose, TX.

Garden near the entrance.

Dallas Trekker sign.

Emu greeted us, I think it liked my yellow slicker.

Tortoise and Hare on start table.

Birthday Sign near the refreshments.

Walk start table volunteers.

First group of walkers starting out.

Walk started out going downhill.

Colorful hills covered in mist.

Human arrows to get us onto the correct trail.

Small creek in front of Carol with a small waterfall.

Just a view of the trail.

An Elk in the pasture next to us.

More Elk.

Trail marker.

Carol jumping the creek.

The cemetery.

Walker on the trail ahead of us.

Mist covered spider web.

Carol at the overlook.



Standing on a cliff lookind down into the cave.

Other walkers looking at the cave.

Limestone slabs placed on end to mimic Stonehenge.

Walkers coming down the hill behind us.

Taking a short rest after a steep climb.

Pretty black goats.

Large Billy.


Pretty horses.

Checkpoint volunteer punching Carol's card.

We passed this couple.

Pretty tree.

Finish table.