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Cypress Creek Volksmarch

There were two routes offered. We did the 13K route which was a complete loop. The 10K was an out and back. The Walks were all on paved county roads.

    Parking volunteer.

Walk start registration.     

     Carol and Pat visiting before the walk.


     Mabel was picking up cans as she walked.

Rose and Darlene headed back in on the 10K.     


Checkpoint #1 volunteer.     


Other volunteer at checkpoint #1.

Carol petting the horses.     


Larry Cook and Ellen Ott.

Dry creekbed.     


The tall hill ahead. Can you see the tiny walkers on top?     


Checkpoint #2 Volunteers.



Cute little house set on the hillside.

View from the top of the hill.     






Purple Sage.

Checkpoint three volunteers.     


David stamping books at the finish table.