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Bossier City/Shreveport Volksmarch Event

This event was a post AVA Convention Event.

Ed and Carol headed out of the parking garage.

AVA Welcome Banner at start.

View of the boardwalk.

Shreveport across the river.

Jan setting up the start tables.

Headed out on the walk.

Our human arrow.

Carousel Ride.

Shreveport from the boardwalk.

One of the stores along the boardwalk.

Joe's Crabshack.

View of the boardwalk from the bridge.

View of Shreveport from the bridge.

Steps leading off the bridge.

Looking down on Brooke and Helen, our checkpoint volunteers.

Pelican statue.

Ed taking advantage of the water garden.

Bird Condominium.

We make good the Pirates!

Walkers coming behind us.

Fish made a good place to sit.

Another fish.

Statues in front of old auditorium.

Another one of the fish.

Walkers from San Antonio

Hey Paul!

Shreveport from the return trip across the bridge..

Boardwalk coming up.

Another street in the boardwalk.

We're almost finished!

Statue in the fountain.

We are replacing Helen and Brooke at the checkpoint

Okay ladies, we're here to replace you.

Nice motorcycle with sidecar parked nearby.

It was great to see you Susan.

Not the easiest way to come down.

Sign on a nearby building.