Benbrook Volksmarch

Walk Start in "Fit for Life" fitness center.

Ed and Carol starting out.

Down a steep embankment.

Another prespective of the embankment.

Getting back out.

We passed this park. We
later come back out here.

Pear trees have started to bloom.
Anna and Susan putting out trail markers.

Foreign Exchange Students walking
with Jim Sibley.

Ed, Brooke and Carol.

We crossed this creek.

Brooke on trail ahead of me.

Ed and Carol on climb to overlook.

We made it to the top.

Looking down on the South
Fork of the Trinity River.

Heading down from the overlook.

View of the river from the bridge.

This was an out and back trail.
These walkers are headed out &
we're headed in.

I walked with Jo Beyer for awhile.

Back up the embankment to the finish.

Mary and Ed manning the registration table.