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Zephyr Seasonal Event

The town of Zephyr was established in 1860. A school was opened in 1870 and businesses and churches soon followed. The first burial in the cemetary was in 1878. In 1909 a tornado devastated the town killing 33 people.

Walk will start at this convenience store/cafe.

Leaving the start the walk procedes along HWY 84 which has a nice shoulder.

Old truck rusting away.

Route goes through the Zephyr Cemetary.

Some of the older stones.

An old buckboard.

Ed beside a historical marker.

Zephyr High School.

Community Center.

Carol reading historical marker at community center.
Built as a Presbyterian Church.

Pretty Flowers.

House with rock garden & pond.

Different angle


Cowboy with shooting irons.

Water trough nestled in the trees.

Country Road.

Back on the more traveled road.

There were a lot of these oval barns in town.

Nice Baptist Church

"World Famous" store!

Feed Store across street.

Inside the "World Famous" store.