Salado YRE
July 12, 2008

Carol, Ed and I started walking this event at 7am. We are walking the original route from when the YRE was first created.  The Turtles are considering changing the walk route in 2009.

Sirena the mermaid.  No marker with
indian tribe name so it doesn't qualify
for Native American Program.

Turtles Statue near Sirena
on bank of Salado Creek.

Nicely restored pickup.

Antique Tricycle.

Ed said this was a "kit" car.

Historical marker discribing
a distillery that was at this
location during the Civil War.

High winds blew thru here this spring.

More tree damage from the wind.

If the route is changed up it can qualify for the College Special Events Program. College was built in 1856. It burned in 1924. Here are historical markers and the remains of the College.

Pedestrian Bridge over Dodds Creek.

Small Cemetery.

Ed and Carol.

Flagpole and Texas Star

Pasture inside city limits.

Low water crossing on Salado Creek.

Looking upstream.

Looking downstream.

This route has hills.

Example of homes in this area.
This one is for sale.

New home under construction.

Main Street carving

Statue in front of Visitor's Center.

Decoration made with hand saws.

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