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Round Rock YRE Volksmarch

Round Rock is pretty far north for a Palm Tree.

This is a Law Office.

Carol and Ed walking on Mays Street.

Coming to historic district.

Sam Bass historic plaque..

Pretty church.

Heading into the park.

Pretty Weeping Willow.

Tonkawa Indian plaque.

My dog, Yahoo, was eyeing a squirrel.

Chisholm Trail plaque

Pedestrian bridge under I-35.

Ed and Carol on the bridge.

Brushy Creek

One of the reasons we did this walk was to see the "rock" that the town of "Round Rock" was named after. I don't want to spoil this walk for y'all. So the pictures of the "rock" are separate. If you don't mind my spoiling the surprise click here to see pictures of the rock.

Carol at another low water crossing.

Historic Home.

Same home, different angle.

Yahoo leading the way.

Iris plant doesn't know it's January.

Almost finished.

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