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McKinney Roughs Volksmarch Event

Colorado River Walkers banner.

Ed and Carol registering to walk.

We saw Shirley on the trail, she is
letterboxing as well as Volksmarching!

View of the trail.

Passed this couple from SA.

Checkpoint Volunteer.

Carol at overlook of Colorado River.

Ed leaving overlook.

Another view of the Colorado River.

Cactus and Cedar

This section was an out/back.

First time volksmarchers, Joe and Sue.

Ellen, Pat and Darlene climbing trail.

A better shot of them at the Checkpoint.

Tired dog!

Dog was with volunteers at Checkpoint #2.

Starting to warm up.

Another look at the trail.

Looking back at walkers coming behind us.

Creek crossing.

Obstacle course.

Doris and Shirley

Short rest stop.

Another log across the trail.

Trail is covered in pine needles now.

Logs re-inforcing trail.

People ahead of us at finish.