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Lampasas YRE Volksmarch

This is what it looks like if you walk it backwards.

Hancock Springs Hostess House.
Can be rented for special occassions.

Spring fed swimming pool.

Ruins of an 1880 era bathhouse.

Heading out on the hike/bike
trail along Sulphur Creek.

Water from the swimming pool entering the creek..

Small waterfall.

One of several pedestrian bridges.

Geese sunning themselves.

Limestone House.

Artistic Doorway

Sneed Funeral Chapel

Presbyterian Church.

Episcopalian Church

Episcopalian Cross

One of many historic homes.

Nice shady sidewalk.

Nice lion.

Friendly Basset Hound.

Another nice home.

Gates at Hanna Springs Intermediate School.

Hanna Springs Intermediate School

Steps leaving school.

The sidewalk is decorated.

Hanna Springs Swimming Pool.

New artwork in Hanna Springs Park..

If you have walked here before and had trouble finding
the gravel path, you won't have the problem any more.
It is nicely done with stone benches too.

Historic Hanna Springs.

More artwork. I didn't take pictures of it all. You
will have to come see what else they have now.

Historic Keystone Hotel.

Santa Fe Depot
Now houses Chamber of Commerce

Lampasas County Courthouse

Crossing Sulphur Creek again.

Cook Cemetery
Cemetery was altered by highway construction.

Last person buried in this cemetery
J. S. Brown died 1873

Returning to start via hike/bike trail along Sulphur Creek.

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