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Glen Rose Volksmarch Event

Walk Start Registration.

Ed, myself, Carol and Heinz Johnson (SW Regional Director).

We passed this sign around 7:30am,
and as you can see it was cold!

Mary walking with Carol
Bruce walking with Ed.

Somervell County Courthouse.

South side of courthouse square.

Statue on Courthouse Lawn.

Junkyard Dog's Christmas Tree.

Paluxy River at dawn.

Mary and Bruce entering the park.

Checkpoint volunteers share a pen.

Sunshine on other side of river
almost looks like a fire.

Empty lot in town with just
the chimney left standing.

Nice cottage.

Mary leading the way up the hill.

Old stone entrance to small park.

Life flight helicopter.

Fountain at Methodist Retreat.

Hasn't warmed up yet!

Still water makes a pretty mirror image.

Rock lined bridge.

Carol headed into Big Rocks Park.

Ed took this picture of me and
the falls on the Paluxy River.

Walkway along the river.

Close-up of the falls.

Nice older school building.

Town Hall

Steer made out of duck tape?

East side of Courthouse Square.

Indian in storefront for sale.

Small bird sanctuary.

Glen Hotel.

School mascot.

Walk qualified for Cemetery special event credit.

Anna and Bob working finish table.