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Dripping Springs Volksmarch Event

Walk start at swimming pool pavilion.

Ed, Brandy and Carol heading out on trail.

Pound House Museum

Nice hike/bike trail at Founder's Park.

Old rock wall.

Carol reading the information on the sign.

Tree split in half but still growing.

Stagecoach corral.

Watch out for the rolly rocks.

Clearing out the cedar trees.

Lady in black shorts was the checkpoiint volunteer.

Fog is starting to come in.

Brandy pointing out the next ribbon.

Colorado River Walker adding more ribbons.

Found some pretty flowers.

View of the hill ahead.

Waiting for me.

Checkpoint #2 volunteer.

Leaving the checkpoint area.

Looking back at the hill we came down.

Brandy crossing a dry wash area.

Ed coming up hill behind me.

View of the hills.

Walker resting along side of trail.

Paint horse.

The other paint horse.

Some of the goats.

Walker walking the trail backwards.

Ed, Brandy and Carol at finish table.