Coppell, TX Volksmarch

Walk Start in Andrew Brown Jr. Park (East)

A long shot of the park.

Ed crossing the first of many bridges.

Cypress tree.

Blue Heron.

Elevated walkway along the lake margin.

My state flower (not Texas').
New walkers. Hope they bought new walker packets.

Mud slider turtle?

Egret and ducks.

Stone wall across the lake.

Trail led into the woods.

Along and over this creek.

Under the highway.

Mystery Volksmarcher... do you know who she is?

Checkpoint volunteers, Bill & Joan Claybourn, talking to new walkers.

Chatted with Marilyn and Bill.

Trail continues along residental area.

Very nice homes.

Circling the last lake.

Pedal powered water trike.
Ed and the trail.

Walker that passed us.

Roses in the residential section of the walk.

More pretty flowers.

Passing the high school.

The walk continued thru the residential area and then picked up a trail along a pretty canal. Unfortunately my camera battery died on me so I didn't get to take pictures of the fountains, small water fall with turtles sunning on the rocks, and of course the wonderful volunteers that manned the finish table.