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Independence, TX Volksmarch Event

 The Texas Baptist Historical Center
  Independence, TX
  The bell tower is made from stone
   taken from Baylor University

Walk Start Volunteers.    

Inside the Museum are pictures and other historic relics.

Spring house built of stone
reportedly by Sam Houston.

   Historic building in
   Baylor College Park.

The remains of the Baylor
Female Music Building.

   View from the hilltop.

Columns were rebuilt,
not original.                

   Texas Wildflowers.

Bluebonnets growing in Independence
Cemetery.  Sam Houston Jr is buried here.

   A walker ahead of us
   on the trail.

Checkpoint #1 Volunteer.    

   Lyn and Elaine talking
   with other walkers.

One of the country road we walked.    

More bluebonnets along the route.

Native rock shows where soil
has washed away.

   Another walker from Houston.

Rose arbor entrance
to another Baylor Park.

Beautiful rose bushes in the park.  Marker for Tryon Hall
at the base of one of the rosebushes.


   Pavilion with plaques telling
   the history of Baylor College.

Home built in 1845 by General Jerome Robertson.
Captain in the Army of the Republic of Texas 1836.
Representative and Senator in the Texas Legislature.
Brigadier General in Hood's Brigade, C.S.A.

   Another field of wildflowers.

Home of  Margaret Lea Houston (Mrs. Sam Houston)  Built in  the 1850s.  Following her husband's death in 1863, Mrs. Houston lived here until her death in 1867.    


Mural on the side of what was originally Shannon Store.  Built at the turn of the century it housed the US Post Office until it closed in 1958.

Loukemeyer's Store.  Built in 1939 with rock from Tryon Hall.  Has been in continuous use as village's principal food store and gas station.    

    Flagpole with historical markers in what was the town square.  One marker tells how the Sante Fe Railroad was refused right-of-way to go through town and how the town eventually died.

More pretty flowers.    

   Finish table volunteers.

Margaret Lea Houston wife of  Sam Houston
Lea-Houston Cemetery which stands on a
raised  mound at the corner of what is now
Hwy 50 and Hwy 390.