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River Trail Volksmarch

The walk route for both trails started out the same way.
Nicely placed bench made for a good photo op.

Lyn and Elaine caught up to us while we were stopped.

So I took their picture on the same bench.

The low water crossing was a little deep so we waited for a lift across.

The two trails split here. Elaine and Lyn did the other event.

I had stopped to read a historical marker about a Comanche battle.
Ed patiently waited for me to catch up.
We were hoping for some fall color, but
most of the trees haven't turned yet.

Carol and Lenore.

Wide angle to include the cliffs.

Trail along the cliffs.

Carol breaking trail us.

The water was shallow here and
running over some nice rocks.

A rock outcropping that had some nice markings.

The Johnson Grass (which is not a native plant by the
way, but an invader gone wild) was taller than Lenore.

Our checkpoint volunteers in burgundy.
Time to retrace our steps.

We passed this group of Tarrant County
Walkers who were on their way out.

Looking up at the cliffs we'd passed earlier.

The last hill and we're almost done.

Looking up at the cliffs we'd passed earlier.